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Tokyo (Shinjuku Tochoumae) → Manza Onsen

Don’t miss out on this great deal of 1 night stay with 2 meals and direct bus rides for a round trip from and back to Tokyo!! It’s the best deal if you’re planning a weekday trip!

*FYI: If you don't take the direct Manza bus and take the long route from Ueno using the JR express train and a bus up to Manza, it will cost about 12,600 yen for a round trip.

Chartered Bus Stop

  • From JR Shinjuku(新宿) Station: Take the West Exit and walk for about 10 minutes following the map below.
  • From Oedo Line Tochoumae Station (江戸線 都庁前), take A2 Exit which is connected to the bus parking lot where the chartered bus stop is.

■ Children (age 3-6) will be charged 50% of the adult price and elementary school students will be charged 70% of the adult price.
■ Infants (age 0-2) will not be assigned separate seats. If you wish to reserve a seat for your infant, 30% of the adult price will be charged.
※ Payment by credit card is not available. We ask of your kind understanding.

Modern rooms
Traditional rooms

Yubou Modern Style Room

Japanese style rooms, Western style rooms, Modern Japanese style rooms Various types of unique rooms are available at Nisshinkan to accommodate our customers’ tastes and preferences in room styles.

Yubou suite rooms

Japanese Style

Specially designed rooms with a tatami area for customers who prefer to enjoy a modern style room, but also indulge in the traditional comfort of tatami.

Honkan Modern

Western Style

Created with natural materials that bring healing to the body and eyes, such as diatomite stones in uplifting and soft colors.

Japanese Style Tatami Room

Honkan Traditional

Japanese style rooms located in the main building where the main entrance of Nisshinkan, the lobby, the main bathhouse “Chouju no Yu” and the main dining restaurant “Komakusa.”


47 Japanese style rooms (the highest number of rooms in the same style) located in Bekkan with a private restroom and a washstand. If you’re looking for a Japanese style room with the privacy of your own restroom, we highly recommend this room for you. It’s connected to Honkan, so you’ll find it easy to go back and forth.


Rooms with communal restrooms and washstands offered at the most economical price and available for a long-term therapeutic stay at Manza on a low budget.

Houkan Rooms Bekkan Rooms Yukemuri Rooms Shinkan Yubou Suites
Avg.¥15,800〜 Avg.¥13,800〜 Avg.¥10,800〜 Please ask for current rates
These prices are subject to change and you will be contacted by e-mail with the current prices after you have submitted your reservation.
You can cancel your reservation by replying to that e-mail or by phone

  • The room charge is for one person and includes dinner and breakfast.
  • Tax is not included.
  • Check in time is from 14:00
  • Check out time is 10:00
  • You may extend your check out until 12:00pm (noon)
  • Cost is 1,050 yen extra per 30 min for a room
  • We do not accept credit cards.
  • Please make sure you bring enough Japanese Yen as there are no banking facilities or currency exchange at our Hotel.

Onsen Baths

Manza Onsen naturally produces 5.4 million liters of hot spring water that contains the most amount of sulfur compared to other hot springs around Japan. We hope you enjoy a variety of our natural, therapeutic hot springs.

Manten no Yu

“Manten no Yu” is located in the newest building “Yubou”, featuring a bathtub made with natural hinoki. In its new, yet historical atmosphere, “Manten no Yu” offers a beautiful view that will always be a part of your memories.

Gokuraku no Yu

“Gokuraku no Yu” is an open-air bath where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of mountains by day and of the sky filled with countless stars by night. No matter what time you choose to enjoy a bath in “Gokuraku no Yu,” you will experience a different view that changes little by little around the clock—from sunrise to sunset. With a breathtaking view of sparkling stars up in the sky, you will get a glimpse of Heaven (Gokuraku in Japanese).

Chouju no Yu

Supported by sturdy wooden posts and made purely with natural wooden materials, Nisshinkan’s main bathhouse “Chouju no Yu” offers 6 different types of baths, including “Niga Yu” with 100% of the fountainhead spring water and “Sasa Yu” with kumazasa(low bamboo leafs) inside the hot spring.

Water type

1. 苦湯 (Niga-yu):

The biggest all-natural wood bathtub at Nisshinkan where you can enjoy a relaxing bath with your friends and family. ‘Niga’ means bitter in Japanese and it’s named such a way not because the hot spring water tastes bitter if you drink it, but because it comes from the Japanese saying, “Good medicine tastes bitter in the mouth.”

2. 姥苦湯(Ubaniga-yu):

An outdoors bath with a roof over it where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Joshinetsu Kogen’s mountains that boast different colors through time and the changing expressions of the sky and clouds over these mountains. How relaxing it would be, listening to the sounds of hot springs along with the natural sounds of the mountains!

3. 笹湯(Sasa-yu):

The bath located right next to Ubaniga-yu, with low bamboo leaves inside the hot spring water. Not only the soft scent of low bamboo leaves is healing, but its extract diluted in hot water is also known to have medicinal effect for heat rashes.

4. 姥湯(Uba-yu):

A bath of 100% hot spring water with a strong smell of sulfur. You can enjoy this natural as a regular bath, but Uba-yu is also recommended for hot-spring treatment for medical conditions.

5. 真湯(Mayu):

Not hot spring water, but a bath with fresh spring water heated with the heat from the hot springs of Manza. Manza’s natural spring water is known to have more minerals than other waters. This bath is recommended for people find the hot spring water with acidic sulfur too strong for their delicate skin.

6. 滝湯(Taki-yu):

A bath where you can stand underneath to get a strong stream of hot spring water on you like a waterfall. With the waterfall’s massage, we hope you enjoy Manza’s hot springs from head to toe.

Enman no Yu (Extra charge)

You can enjoy a relaxing time with your spouse or family in a private bath with the healing fragrance of hinoki. We hope you have a moment of extravagant healing brought by our pure hot spring water with your loved one. (Open 7:30~23:30)

Dining & Buffet

Main dining room “Komakusa”

We select healthy and nutritious ingredients to make sure our customers are nourished from inside as well. We prepare Japanese dishes in hopes of good health and longevity for our customers with the theme of “Ma-Go-Wa-Ya-Sa-Shi-I” which stands for mame(beans), goma(sesame), wakame(seaweed), yasai(vegetables), sakana(fish), shiitake (shiitake mushrooms) and imo(potatoes).

This theme comes from the wisdom of grandmothers’ that has been passed down through generations to keep a good balance of 7 ingredients in a meal. We also proudly present authentic Chinese dishes made by chefs from China. Please enjoy a wide variety of Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes featured in our buffet.

Live Show

Entertainment above the Clouds Every night from 20:00, Nisshinkan presents a floorshow in the lobby on the 2nd floor of the main building. We have a different stage lineup every night including classic, jazz, pop, gospel, instrumental, enka, Tsugaru Shamisen, sign language, ventriloquism and dance. We often have special speakers who lecture about health, healing and culture. Please check with the front regarding the floorshow schedule.

Ken Izumi: Ken Izumi’s genre of music is so unique that it doesn’t belong to a particular category of enka, J-pop, pop or even classic. In his own special ways, Ken Izumi expresses his world of music through the description of spousal love, family love, peace and different ways/values of life. With messages in between, Ken Izumi presents a one-and-only live show only for one-and-only YOU with all his heart. The song list changes daily, so you can enjoy various types of his stage.

Manza Hot Spas: A band with members of Nisshinkan’s talented staff! Manza Hot Spas mainly performs jazz music and also heartwarming original songs.

Enjoy the great nature of National Park!

An expert will guide you for an early morning walk in the nature throughout 4 seasons of Manza.

Snow begins to melt mid-June in the mountains of Manza and comes back again by mid-November. During these seasons, Nisshikan offers a special ‘early morning walk’ around the hotel, guided by an expert. On sunny days, please join us for an early morning walk in the great nature from 6:00~7:00.

Walk Route Example 1: "Mt. Kumashirou" You will climb the path up to Mt. Kumashirou, a symbolic landmark of Manza, from Yakushidou located behind Nisshinkan. Inside the rock cave where Yayoi pottery was discovered, there stands "Inazunagu" where the deity of Oyamatsumi and the deity of Inari are enshrined together. Further up the mountain, there is an observatory where you can enjoy a magnificent view of inner Manza River’s basin-shaped valleys, Manza hot springs and Mt. Azumaya. On the way back, you will walk through the slopes of Mt. Asahi and get a close look at the oldest Japanese white pine tree in Gunma Prefecture.

Enjoy snowshoeing with your family!

Surrounded by bamboo bushes, some sightseeing routes around Nisshinkan are impossible to explore during the summer, but many great routes become available for snowshoeing during the winter. Under the condition that you are accompanied by a guide, anyone from children to adult can enjoy these routes. Of course, you can also enjoy skiing and snowboarding on Manza Onsen ski slopes nearby. Many people from various places visit Manza for winter sports!

As one of the newest routes in Manza, you will walk in snowshoes around the natural seed tree forest for Japanese larch. Please enjoy the view of biggest natural Japanese larch trees and mother larch trees. This is a 3km route for approximately 150 minutes.

What are the top winter sports? Skiing and snowboarding!

Manza Ski Resort located 1800m above the sea level is the heaven of powder snow. Why don’t you join us to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at one of the best ski resorts in Japan with the high quality powder snow?


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