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Manza Onsen, located at an altitude of 1800m, surrounded by nature

Manza Onsen is located in a national park rich in nature in Gunma Prefecture. A hot spring located at an altitude of 1800m It is one of the few hot springs in the world with the highest sulfur concentration in Japan. Manza Onsen has been used for the purpose of toji (healing the body with hot springs) since ancient times. Manza no Yu is so effective that many people come to seek it. A wonderful traditional Japanese hot spring Please come and visit us.

You can easily come to Manza Onsen from Tokyo.

A 「Direct bus」 that takes about 5 hours from the bus terminal near Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to the entrance of nissinkan. runs every day. You can also use the 「Free shuttle bus」 if you take Shinkansen to Karuizawa. Taking a detour to Karuizawa for sightseeing purposes may make your trip even more enjoyable.

Various hot springs with various ways to enter

At Nisshinkan, you can enjoy a variety of hot springs at three locations. 「Gokurakuyu」 an open-air bath where you can enjoy a view of the sky-covered mountains, 「Tyoujyunoyu」 a large bath that can be enjoyed by a large group, 「Enmannoyu」 a bath that can be enjoyed by families, and「Mantennoyu」 a bath with a beautiful view. All of them are based on Manza Onsen's spring quality. Enjoy to the fullest.

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